Selfish Sewing Week: Project 1

White Savannah Cami

It hasn’t been a bang up start, but I’ve made it most of the way through project one. It might be finished if I hadn’t started my French seams backwards.  Why do I always do that?  I wasted so much time.  But here it is hanging out before hemming.

Do you think a little selfishness would help keep your stress levels down and your sewing fun?  Selfish Sewing Week helped me out in an unexpected way.  I mentioned a while back that I have some weddings coming up.  My son will be ringbearer in one, dressed as The Ringbearer.  I ordered him a costume and while it is the correct size, it doesn’t fit and the top is sewn in such a way that it isn’t worth the time it would take to fix.  The cloak is cool and the pants could be hemmed, but a jacket, vest and shirt almost landed on my sewing pile.  As we move toward Spring and Summer my schedule is getting very full.  I don’t want the pressure of sewing a Frodo costume for what has become a black tie wedding (No Sis Boom Jamie dress for me after all).  Choosing to be selfish, I hit ebay instead for things that can be altered, which was lucky since I realized I will likely need to clothe O for a second  wedding, and not as Frodo.   Now a couple of lovely vendors are soon to be sending me mix and match boys suit components suitable for both weddings and I can get back to sewing as planned.

What’s planned?

I’m hoping to make some Eve Panties and or a Rte 66 skirt with fabric from Jennifer Sampou’s Black and White fabric line, which very much plays to my wardrobe palette.  If I’m lucky it’ll be both, but this week is full of extra to do’s so I’m not pushing it.

Join me for Selfish Sewing Week


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