Selfish Sewing Week


What have you done for you lately?

I’ve been working on a baby quilt for a friend’s child, clothes for A & O and various projects for the Gnome Birthday Celebration at the end of the month.  A’s birthday crown is done, O’s needs new elastic.  Gnome hats are next on the list, followed by a toadstool bunting.  I even painted this little gnome to top one of the cakes, which was a fun change of pace (He still needs a bit of work.).

Gnome and Toadstool

But as far as clothes for me I’ve made one cami.  I’ve made plans.  I’ve even purchased fabric, but I haven’t made myself any new clothes for Spring.  If you, like me often get shifted to the bottom of the pile then come celebrate Selfish Sewing Week.  A whole week of sewing for ourselves.

Kollabura, Imagine Gnats and Indiesew are hosting Selfish Sewing Week, which is extra awesome because: Imagine Gnats is offering 20% off knits until tomorrow, Indiesew is offering 15% off all patterns with the code SPRINGSSW (by as you might guess Indie designers) and you can show off your projects and keep up with those of others on the SSW page on Kollabura  and or on the Selfish Sewing Week Page on Pinterest.  Oh and did I mention there is a challenge with over $300 in prizes?

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