Mystery Delivery Update


Have you had any luck figuring out what this stuff from my mystery delivery is?  If you have you may be doing better than me and I’d love to hear from you.  Or you may not and I’d love to hear from you.  Anyway, I’m one step closer to declaring it “interfacing -medium weight, extra pretty.”  Why do I keep going back to it?  Because I don’t have a little.   The roll is about 3 ft wide and has a diameter of about 4 inches.  Really it’s a ton of something.  Wouldn’t it have been lovely if it were chiffon?  Except if that were chiffon I certainly wouldn’t wear it.

roll length

roll widthTest 1 told me it tears like interfacing.  Test 2 told me washes and dries like interfacing.  So on to the ironing test.  I was ironing some muslin to work up muslins for A’s McCall’s 7810 and my next Savannah cami so I took the opportunity to run the mystery stuff under the iron.

You should know that we’ve been sick.  First O then my husband, who got (mostly) well last Sunday just in time for A and I to come down with the same icky cold.  Of course all of this coincides with my SIL visiting with her two girls from Germany.  Luckily, they are staying with my in-laws and they also don’t care about germs.  (That bothered me more when they brought them to share with my recently hospitalized newborn last summer so it’s good to see there is an upside to it too.)  All of that combined means that I’ve had less time and far less energy and interest in accomplishing anything so my ironing test was neither very scientific nor very thorough.  I took a scrap of muslin to use as a pressing clothing.  Stuck a scrap of mystery on it and folded the muslin over it then pressed the **** out of it with my iron on its highest setting and its steamiest setting.  It wrinkled a little which is appropriate interfacing behavior for that temperature.

wrinkled mystery stuff

I’m not brave enough to see what happens to the print if I put it against my new iron.  I guess the next test will have to wait until I have something that needs medium weight extra pretty interfacing.  It may be a while.

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3 Responses to Mystery Delivery Update

  1. Cara says:

    I recently got something like this and I am also wondering what it is. I am sending a piece via snail mail to my mother as she might know, she used to work in an upscale bridal shop and has lots of sewing experience besides. I uploaded two pics to Imgur —,R5VwPN5 — I think your roll is very similar, though prettier.

    • Logan Mack says:

      Hi Cara,
      It does look like we are probably in possession of the same thing. I’m very curious as to what your mother will make of it. It does work well as a sewn in stabilizer and is great for making a muslin, but it would be nice to have an answer to the mystery.

    • Logan Mack says:

      I have since asked about this at a sewing reuse store and their best guess was interfacing. Did your Mom have any ideas?

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