A Sweet Haul: Vintage Patterns

 This bag finally arrived.  It contains 38 vintage sewing patterns.

Sweet Haul 2015-02-20

Technically it isn’t a haul since I did not obtain it illegally, but it sure feels like it should have been illegal.  After the Mystery Delivery I was a little wary of auctions, but I’ve never had that sort of experience before and this second item was just so luscious and wonderful.    The risk was that no specifics were given just “vintage sewing patterns” sold as is  with a few pictures of groups of overlapping patterns.  I counted and recounted what I could see of them and I checked the numbers that were visible.   I paid far more than I had budgeted for my auctioning, but oh was it worth it.  At less that $2 a pattern I bet I would get enough to make it worth the investment.   My new knowledge of pattern drafting made me feel confident about the purchase.  The sizes weren’t important-I will be able to rework them.   What I saw in the lot were lots of 60’s style dresses and playsuits for little girls.  I so wanted (and want) to make them.  I want to make them so much I’m considering an etsy store for when A is to old to rock vintage toddler/baby wear.  Of course there were some outliers.  Like Granny’s Cat:

Vintage Cat

Rounding out a half dozen were some which were from the early 70’s and or for boys/teenagers.  I did get this lovely pattern for everything 1970’s kitchen (complete with applique transfers).

2015-02-20 002 2015-02-20 025

 Anyone for a blender cover? I wonder if today’s blenders are a different size.    If my blender didn’t live in a drawer in a cabinet I might consider it.  I may use the mushrooms transfers to applique something for the gnome birthday party coming up next month.

I was very lucky and only one pattern is missing a pattern piece.  A few were missing applique or embroidery transfers, but I think I’d want to update those anyway and can do so easily enough.  Most of the patterns were even toddler/child sizes 1-4.

Do you want to see them?


No, you don’t want to see the other 36 in one post.

I don’t. Even though, were I a dragon, I would currently be sitting on them.

I’m not of course…  They would wrinkle.

I’m mulling over making them a new series, but I don’t know a lot about vintage patterns.  Either way you will get to see them as I sew them up (with all of my freetime, after making my own clothes, and a few quilts, and taking care of two very small people (who seem to think “Mommy” is still a living environment) and a somewhat neglected husband and maybe doing a thing or two around the house since they always seem to need doing, oh and getting rid of this lousy cold ).

Okay for today, I’ll show you project pattern number.  I picked it because I’ve long wanted to make some of these adorable crossover tops (yeah, since before I had a little girl) and they are easy and can be made with fabric I have on hand (since I’ve been overspending and my project list is not getting any shorter).

Vintage McCall’s 7810

McCall's 7810

Child’s Dress and Playsuit (1965)

It is cut as one piece on the fold and has a button closure a the shoulders.  I will be he making dresses/tunics only as I want to pair it with the Oliver & S Puppet Show shorts and the Oliver and S Sailboat pants .  Hopefully, most of those will fall nicely into Kid’s Clothes Week for Spring, but I’ve done the math for grading the pattern from a 3 to a 1/2.  We’ll see how that turns out.






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9 Responses to A Sweet Haul: Vintage Patterns

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  2. Jana says:

    Oh, thank you so much for sharing this. I am watching it now… 😉 Have a lovely weekend! Jana

  3. Logan Mack says:

    I just spotted this lot of 1940’s patterns all for boys on ebay:
    I don’t know if they would be of interest, but thought I’d share the link all the same.

  4. Logan Mack says:

    I’ve found a few patterns I like for my son that are pretty much like something one might find in the store, but makeable at home. The Rowan Tee is my favorite so far. I’ll have to check out Made4boys. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Jana says:

    Oh, thank you, Logan! My impression is that in general boys patterns are rare and often boring. I had recently found a website called Made4Boys, which I am using now frequently to get new ideas for my son’s cloths. But thank you so much for your help. Have a wonderful Sunday night, Jana

  6. Logan Mack says:

    Thanks! I was super lucky that so many in this lot were for baby/toddler girls and that most were from the 60’s. I think it’s just much easier to find them for girls than for boys. I’ve been looking around for you. If I am correct your son is probably about O’s age (almost 4). My lot only had a size 2 overall for little guys. I have seen that in a few other lots, but few others for boys. Is there anything in particular you are looking for?

  7. Logan Mack says:

    🙂 My folks had an oster as well. I think they still have it. Thing ran like a tank.

  8. Alison says:

    That play suit pattern is from the year I was born!
    And my countertop blender is the same size as my mum’s oster from the ’70s. Have fun!

  9. Jana says:

    This is such a treasure! I envy you the patterns for boys. 😉 Enjoy all the exciting things to make in the future. I am so curious what you are going to show us next. Best wishes from Toronto, Jana


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