I hate clothes Challenge: Foundations

Kids’ Clothes Week was a little distracting, but I have been dreamily looking at patterns, buying material, making alterations, acquiring some pieces in keeping with my wardrobe plan and generally putt-putt-putting along.  If you are following me on my Handmade Wardrobe Board on Pinterest you probably have a good idea of where I am in the dreams category and you might have noticed that I’ve been adding lingerie to the board.

leather lingerie

Perhaps my pins are less leather/vinyl and more cotton basics, or maybe not.  Thanks to Seamwork Magazine I recently made my first cami.  The February issue continues the undergarment series and I think I’ll try both patterns eventually, but for now I have ordered a couple of new bras that are for me rather than baby A (I fully intend to leave the house sans kids someday) and a couple of new half slips.   I’ve added full slips to my to sew list and  have done the FBA on my Savannah pattern for cami #2.  All these undergarments took me by surprise, but a decent wardrobe requires decent foundation pieces and 2 babies means it’s time to update them.

So where am I on my new wardrobe?

Purchased Ready to Wear (on sale):

charcoal grey palazzo pants

2 t- shirts  one each in black and charcoal

1 cream striped t-shirt that seems to be see through

black lace shirt (also see through)

black chiffon top with a floral motif (yep, also see through)

With so many see through additions it’s easy to see how the sudden need for camisoles came up. )

All of these items work well within my color palette and greatly expand my clothing options, allowing me to leave the house when necessary.  They also allows me breathing room.   Cleaning everything out felt great and knowing I will have a workable wardrobe again feels pretty good.  That I’ll be able to make it feels awesome, but also a little intimidating.  A whole wardrobe…?  Have you ever decided to make a dress or outfit for a specific occasion? One more stressful than Halloween?  As it turns out I have 2 weddings coming up in the next few months.  One of which requires crossing international borders (Canada counts) and I haven’t heard yet if it’s kid friendly.  Breathing room is allowing me to plan for formalwear rather than the cute tops and casual dresses I had intended to start with.


The breathing room also helps curtail impulse shopping.  I still go back to the same places and hit the same-ish flash sales, but I just look at styles.  It’s easy to say “wrong color, or it won’t fit right” and then to consider what I really like about the style and whether or not I can find a pattern for something similar or possibly even something better.  My breathing room purchases also served to let me audition some styles I haven’t tried before investing time and money in sewing something similar.

UP NEXT in the I hate Clothes Challenge: Me-Made Acquisitions


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