Watermelon Baby Quilt-Border Audition

I was looking for a black batik for a border on the watermelon baby quilt when this…

Watermelon Quilt Backing

appeared on my screen.  It’s black but it has accents in many of my quilt colors. I took a chance and ordered some.

Watermelon Quilt Border audtion

What do you think?  Does it pass its audition?

My extra bits are stored in my hanging wall organizer waiting for me to figure out if I have enough to do a stripy binding.   I’m planning on stitching it on my home machine, but quilting designs are still being evasive.


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2 Responses to Watermelon Baby Quilt-Border Audition

  1. Of it’s own it looks a bit gloomy but with the quilt it’s good

    • Logan Mack says:

      Thanks for the feedback. I hadn’t thought of the material as gloomy, but it is a bit brighter in person and I hadn’t really stood back and looked at such a large piece of it apart from when I quickly snapped that photo. Now that you mention I see what you mean and will keep that in mind if I also use it as backing. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to use a couple of blocks that I messed up on when I was cutting and couldn’t salvage to full size as smaller strip pinwheels on the back, which should cheer that up some. Maybe I’ll use a bright thread in my bobbin too. Orange maybe? I’ll have to audition those as well to see if they alleviate the gloom before I commit to it as a backing.

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