Baby Cardigan Finish

Ribbed Cardigan 12-18m

This took a little while, but was largely a pleasantly mindless project.  It’s a bit too big for A (It’s been so long since crocheted anything I forgot about the effects of blocking and decided to make a bigger sweater.), but hopefully she’ll grow into it.  The yarn is Madeline Tosh which makes me leery.  Madeline Tosh has such gorgeous colors, but I’ve had a bad experience with it previously. I made a bonnet and dress combo for A when she was a newborn in the Mansfield Garden Party colorway.    Before I got a chance to take a picture it needed to be washed.  Superwash is an awesome thing so into the wash it went.  It came out fine…apart from having almost all of the color washed out, but being an glutton for punishment  optimist I gave in when I saw the Jade and Flashdance colorways and took them home.  You  can read more about this project if you like on my Raverly project page.


Here it is one year later with buttons:

Purple and green cardigan with buttons

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3 Responses to Baby Cardigan Finish

  1. That’s a great idea! Never occurred to me.

  2. Logan Mack says:

    Thanks. The bellsleeves were what sold me. A doesn’t like to get dressed and bell sleeves are easier to get her arms through.

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