Pattern Review: Savannah Camisole

2015-02-16 001 2015-02-16 001

This pattern while not actually complicated seemed unduly complicated at times.    This was not my first bias cut project, but it has (by chance) been years since I have selected a pattern that was bias cut.  Really the only new thing for me was working with stretch lace, but I wanted to try the new tips they mentioned so I sewed like a girl scout following all of the directions.  I even used pins.  I took their advice of trying this initially with cotton lawn to make it easier.  No this isn’t normally how I’d operate, but I wanted to get a feel for the Seamwork patterns before I went making changes and this was the easiest option for that.


The pattern recommends going for the larger size if you are between sizes.  I of course am a half size or really two different half sizes with my waist and hips being a full size smaller than my bust.   I went with the largest size and didn’t grade down at all at the waist and hips thinking it’d be easy enough to make the change later, not yet having read that I would be frenching (can that be a verb?) the seams.   I really didn’t want to not be able to get it over my chest.  Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly the pattern really needs a FBA. Even though the size was for a bust measuring an inch larger than mine it pulls a bit across the bust and gaps horribly at the sides.   A quick dart should make it workable.  It is big at the waist and okay at the hips.   I’m a bit leery of taking in the waist, but will likely make at least a minor adjustment.

UPDATE:  The proposed updates did make it workable with little trouble and I am in the process of working up a FBA and hope to sew Savannah 2 soon.

Complication 1:

The description of what to do with the lace was a little odd.  The pattern describes attaching the ends of the lace at the underarms, but there would be no reason to do that if the lace is continuous along the underarm.   If it isn’t I think it would be simpler and finish better if I were to sew the lace onto the front and back pieces and then include the lace join in the French seam.

Complication 2:

I found the strap construction aggravating until I took two seconds to look at it and realized they were asking you to assemble the straps as though they long section was already attached to the garment.  You can skip trying to thread the strap underneath and behind itself and just get it sewn on then thread the long end overtop of the attachment.  I know that doesn’t explain it well, but if you have trouble drop me a line and I’ll try to find time to do a quick tutorial.

I’m curious as to how this shapes up in a knit.

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