Upcycled Apron

 You may remember this sundress.  It has a new life now.

2014-12-30 001 2014-12-30 006

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking which means I also spend a lot of time in the kitchen washing dishes and constantly end up putting holes in my shirts.  As I rework my wardrobe I don’t want to lose my new handmade tops to holes.  The old fashioned solution is an apron.  I have a full apron for cooking with the little guy that also gets used when I bake, but it could be in college now and thus doesn’t fit well anymore.  Have you ever found the perfect pattern and tried more than once to find the right fabric only to decide it was completely the wrong fabric?

emmaline apron

The Emmaline Apron, is lovely, but I’ve been having trouble settling on the fabric.  Girly, but kitchen friendly (not white) is my goal.   Why is this difficult?

The interim fix-I picked up a green and white check vintage style half apron at a thrift antique shop last month and it has been great for washing dishes and cleaning up, but it gets dirty and needs a friend to take over when it is time for it to go in the laundry.  Enter the Renegade Seamstress, with her post about making aprons from old shirts.  Why, I have a whole basket of old dress shirts set aside to be made into baby dresses come spring!   As I entered the craftroom on the way to pull the shirt basket out from under the cutting table for a good rummaging through, I saw the dresses and skirts I had set aside for alterations.  Among them 2 made of lovely girly fabric, one skirt which I had thought to add side panels to, and this sundress.

2014-12-30 001 2014-12-30 006

The sundress was my first choice because I had been mulling over what to do with it.  The print is too big for baby clothes and with the one way pattern there wasn’t enough  in the bodice to turn the skirt into something more complicated.   It would be perfect as an apron.  Simply reuse the lovely skirt with the coordinating sash as the waistband ties.  Steal a back panel from the bodice for a slightly undersized pocket.  In a wink I had a new apron and one less item cluttering up the craftroom.

Sundress Apron Frong

(Sometimes you have to improvise a model and pay him in oreos.)

Sundress Apron Side

Yes it’s white, but white seems to be less offensive because I’m not buying white fabric to ruin in the kitchen.  Really these are just garbage anyway so I’m okay with it.  I was also able to reclaim an invisible zipper and some notions for making adjustable straps.  That’s more value than I would get from it as a tax deductible donation.  Plus, the bodice fabric is still available for another (small) project.

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