Mystery Delivery

Overall texture and floral pattern

I recently won a auction for an unmeasured roll of white chiffon.   It is an auction so it showing up and being crepe or organza or some other sheer would not have surprised me.  It showing up and being…well…not fabric?  My best guess would be sew-in non-woven interfacing, but it has what seems to be an allover  white floral pattern stamped on it, which I have not seen on interfacing.  This “chiffon” tore, where I took the tape off the roll to look at the material.


Is it interfacing?  What is the floral pattern all about?  Does it need special treatment/care?  Is it in fact a type of chiffon I’ve never encountered before?  What do you do with this mystery stuff?  It’s so unexpected I’m bemused. I’m barely disappointed at not having a giant roll of white chiffon and almost hope I have a giant roll of completely normal, but extra pretty interfacing because a little extra pretty in life is super.  Have you seen this before?  Where would you go to find out what it is?


I ran a swatch of this through the laundry and it behaved as I would expect interfacing to do.  Next up:  ironing test.

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