Seamwork Magazine


Dec 2014 Issue Cover Featuring the Oslo Cardigan

Last month I fell in love with the Oslo Cardigan.  It led me to check out Seamwork, which is a relatively new online sewing publication.   I’d describe it myself, but I can’t do it better than they do:

Each issue is full of techniques, guides, and ideas that are designed to bring the pleasure of learning into your sewing room. You’ll learn about fabrics and tools, get glimpses into the studios of designers, and gain new techniques for creating details.  Each issue of Seamwork also has two accompanying digital patterns that give you a chance to try some of the techniques featured. These patterns are available to subscribers for a very low monthly cost [$6 gets you the magazine and both patterns each month], and each of them can be created in just three hours or less.

I was too late for the Oslo Cardigan, but I was able to download the December 2014 issue and the Jan 2015 issue with the 2 January patterns included.  Thus far I’ve wanted to make 1 of each pattern pair, which I figure is a pretty good deal and since these patterns also fill in some wardrobe holes and are indie I feel like I’m getting my $6 worth before I read the magazine and I know the patterns have been vetted and that they should be doable in a few hours.  Plus, the magazine often features detailed fabric and notions explanations and sourcing ideas.  The first of my supplies for the cami in the January issue have arrived, which means there may be a finished garment in the not so distant future.  The patterns from previous issues are now available for sale individually as well and I could use another cardi that can add a pop of color to my growing wardrobe of neutrals, so that may happen too.  Meanwhile, if you, like me, want to learn new techniques and try new materials check Seamwork magazine and its associated sewing community out.


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