Watermelon Quilt

I think my favorite thing about sewing is falling in love over and over again.  This morning I finished piecing the top of my watermelon baby quilt.  I thought it would be lovely, but it’s like finding just exactly the right food when you are hungry or first seeing your little one.  You knew it would be loveable, but didn’t know how much you would love it, how perfect it would seem in that moment.  Often I like the things I make (fortunately) but some things are like the royal blue suede Addidas with the florescent yellow racing stripes and thick black soles, I bought when I was 18 (and would still love today if they hadn’t fallen apart).  They make me happy every time I see them.   Do you have any projects like that? The Watermelon Quilt I started on Day 1 of KCW and posted about on Day 4 is going to be hard to let go of.   It is such a grey day today that even taking pictures outside left dull looking pictures that didn’t capture the brightness of the quilt.   The pictures below  were taken under my Ott Lamp.

Now I need to decide on a backing and border-I’d like it to be just a touch bigger.   If there are enough scraps and strips left I may put together a scrappy striped binding.  I think I have 8 strips, 5 strip blocks and some other small scraps from trimming the strip sets. I’m contemplating a border in (yet unpurchased) black/grey batik.   The backing may be the same green flannel I used to back my purple log cabin baby quilt (which I apparently didn’t take a picture of, possibly because I forgot I had purchased purple minky for backing until after I started quilting), sage probably isn’t quite the right tone as it is muted, but I prefer trying what I have before buying something new.  Any suggestions for the border? Green perhaps?  How about for the backing or binding?  The Tricksy choice of quilt patterns is still ahead too.  Maybe, I should stop while I’m ahead and just hang it on the craftroom wall…

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3 Responses to Watermelon Quilt

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  2. Oh, that is real purty! 🙂 No wonder you’re so happy with it, the colours are just lovely together – nice work!

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