KCW Day 6: Grr Vivienne


Back on Day One of Kids’ Clothes Week  I discussed my upcycled Vivienne skirt, which has spent the week waiting for elastic.  Today after swim lessons I got impatient and we stopped by Jo Ann’s to buy some 1/2″ elastic to make finishing the waistband and thus the Vivienne Skirt part one of today’s hour of stitching.  After that I would grab some more knit fabric from my stash and make another A-line Baby Dress maybe figuring out what happened with the sleeves in the process.  Of course when I got home my giant spool of 1/2″ elastic was waiting for me in a box on the porch.

viv finish

I did finish my Vivienne Skirt today, but it took much, much longer than expected.  The instructions for the skirt have you make a casing along the back by folding down the top inch of skirt and underskirt.  My skirt and underskirt didn’t want to stay together.  I made an extra effort to keep the underskirt up with the overskirt, but as it turns out there was one small spot where I failed.  I discovered this while trying to run the elastic through.  I broke the head off a safety pin and had to open the seam to get it out.  I gave it one more try with my loop turner before realizing that the channel was just a smidge too small there.  What to do?  Well I decided I would just sew the elastic on the inside of the waste band using an elastic stitch.  It seems to have worked out well.

elastic close up

Next time I make a Vivienne I may hem the waist and then sew the elastic in a similar fashion.  It would leave a nicer finish.  Of course this may only be a problem with the corduroy being heavier than the underskirt fabric. Hmmm…


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