KCW Day 5: Hattie Dress

dayfive-graphic_svg_ Hanging Hattie

Another KCW finish.  Our first Hattie Dress.  I expect there will be many more.  This one is 21 wale corduroy from Fabric.com in size 18 months.  It was quick to sew up and fairly easy as long as you don’t mind gathers, which I don’t because I use the  zigzag method.

Modeled Hattie

My assistant model wrangler (aka Daddy) was having trouble with the idea that we were doing a photo shoot rather than rough housing.  Getting A to face mommy (or not be thrown up in the air) was much harder than anticipated, perhaps another day I will get a  modeled shot in which both baby and dress are in focus-looking at the camera would be a bonus.

Since my 1/2″ elastic still hasn’t come in I’m going to have to look for more things to make to fill in days 6 and 7.


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4 Responses to KCW Day 5: Hattie Dress

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  3. Logan Mack says:

    Thanks for reading. It’s always nice to know there are others in the same boat. For the zigzag I’ve found that I can usually use a larger zigzag than was shown and it’s a bit easier.

  4. First off, cute dress for such a cute little girl. Second, my 18 month old never stops moving either, its frustrating to know she is faster than any camera I can chase her with. Last, thanks for the zigzag tip. It seems so smart and easy!

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