KCW DAY 4 Watermelon for a Baby to Be

2015-02-02 Block SegmentsYes, it is day 4 of KCW.  I did sew.    My Hattie has one cuff attached and the gathering stitch sewn for the second, but that isn’t very exciting and….

on day one of KCW I did a lot of sewing and promised to share later.  A dear friend (2 dear friends really) are expecting a third little girl.  I didn’t make quilts for her sisters as I wasn’t quilting then, but I have a lovely batik jelly roll in a watermelon colorway that feels just right for a baby quilt.  My special quilting assistant got to help with his very first quilt.  With just a little help, he sorted the strips into sets for me.

KCW Day One was sewing day two for the quilt.  I’m making it according to this Missouri Star Quilt Tutorial, which is a variation on Pinwheel Tutorial that they had created.  The variation was created by Three Dudes Quilting (the name of which amuses my husband greatly*).  I’ve pieced the strips, cut sewn, cut and am ready to layout and do the final piecing on the blocks.

Layered Strip Sets

Layered Strip Sets

Block Components

2015-02-02 Block Segments

Test Blocks

Test Block 2

Test Block 1My final blocks will be more scrappy as I am going to mix up the segments rather than sew matching segments.

*He would like to know if men have to quilt better than women to get any recognition as women often have to outperform men to receive recognition in other arenas.  I haven’t encountered enough of them to know.

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