KCW Day 3: Rowan Tee


   No finishes (yet) today, but I’m feeling pretty good about my sewing with knits.  I was a bit worried about finding time today as we ran errands all morning and will be out this evening shopping for a recliner to replace the one which is old enough to drink, has had its buttons pulled of, has a patch of fabric missing over a sharp piece of wood, has holes on each side of the seat, a broken arm and has had a few small pieces of hardware give up drop of and roll away.  It’s been a good chair and is largely still comfortable, but the entire glass of milk that A managed to knock over such that it got on me and the seat, but mostly between the seat and the arm to coat the insides.   Well, lets just say that Sears has recliners at half off.   Time wasn’t assured, but I had to great nappers and got plenty done.  My Rowan is ABN (All But Neckband).

2015-02-04 001 2015-02-04 003I can see many more of these in the future.  This pattern is both versatile and awesome.   And now I’m off to shop for chairs.


2 chairs have been ordered (the pair to mine was missing a button and has had hand-me-down wear spot).  It was a long trip though the shopping was quick.  I was too tired to sew when I got home.  That is until I checked out the projects on KCW and though it’s just a neckband.

His Rowan Tee  Valentine

My Valentine Pair

Valentine Pair 1

Of course I couldn’t stop and got the fabric for my Hattie all cut out too.

Hattie Fabric Cut

The fabric looks a bit odd here, but it is a floral print.

Hattie Cord Close Up

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