KCW Day 2


finished Valentine A line

My Vivienne Skirt is still waiting as the elastic hasn’t arrived.  I was hoping this would be my confidence boosting early finish, but no worries as I have a finish today.

Pattern one:  Mamma Can Do It:   A-Line Baby Dress size 12-18m

This is my first time working with jersey.

Pattern Layout

A Line Laid Out

Cut out A lineReady for Sewing

Complete.  Only one small challenge in that the sleeves didn’t seem to fit, but I checked my cutting and my pattern sizing and those seemed to be correct.  I put them on hoping for the best and they didn’t reach the edge of the sleeve opening.

Sleeve Issue Sleeve issue Close Up

Bringing the sides in a little made up for the gap.  Hopefully, it will still fit A  who has just moved into 12 month size.  I haven’t had the courage to battle it out with her to try it on.  She hates changing clothes and often fights as though I’m trying to pull her fingernails out.  Since this is a Valentine’s gift she won’t really wear it until then it will be an on off and into something else change with lots of potential for a grumpy 10 month old.  Maybe tomorrow’s hour will be spent wrestling her into it.  Unfortunately there wasn’t enough fabric for the long sleeves for both kids.  As I figured she would likely wear a long sleeve onsie under it and probably a hoody or shrug over it I went with short sleeves on this.

Finished Dress

finished Valentine A line

Pattern two:  Rowan Tee by Twitchy Threads  size 5

Valentine Rowan Tee Cut Out

Fabric cut out.  This gets to have the desired long sleeves and kangaroo pocket, but there wasn’t enough t-shirt fabric for a hood.   I’m debating switching the pocket to some black knit that I have and doing a hood out of the same, but 3 year olds are persnickety about matching.

Pattern three: The Hattie Dress by Brownie Goose

Pattern cut out.  Pictures not taken.


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