KCW Day 1 + Upcycle Vivienne Skirt

KCW Day 1 Graphic Vivienne Pink and Purple Vivienne 2015-02-02 Let’s assume we aren’t giving things in a completely inappropriate manner.  That means no baby dresses for the new graduate (unless there is a baby on the way) no florescent orange and olive sweaters with pink flower on it for him, no tops wide enough to fit a semi with arms designed for an infant.  There are generally 4 types of recipients:

Type 1:  Hostile- They say they want (Fill in the Blank), they may give you color or sizing information (possibly accurate).  You make it and they complain.

Type 2:  Indifferent-they don’t understand what went into it so it’s nice, but whatever.

Type 3:  Appreciative-They offer sincere thanks, possibly compliment the item and they actively use or display said item.

Type 4:  Crafty-Not only do they like it they have some idea what it takes to make things, even if it is outside their craft area.  Thanks are sincere, they wouldn’t dream of complaining and they know how to politely suggest (next time) that (insert color, style, item type) would be appreciated, but is in no way expected so as to make future projects even easier.  These are the people you go out of your way to please.

My favorite Type 4 recipient is up in the make stuff rotation again.  I always look for new things to try out and this time it is an upcycle of the Vivienne Skirt by Violette Field Threads.  This is the picture you see on the front of the pattern.

Vivienne Skirt Sewing Pattern

This project is a little self serving (sorry I’m like that). I want to learn about the construction, because I want to make something like this for me.    The me version wouldn’t have an underskirt, but an interchangeable front ruffle panel to cut down on bulk and add versatility.  The other change I would make is that the overskirt would be longer with a larger opening between the panels.  Rather than jumping right into designing my own from scratch and figuring out where I messed up as I go, a trial run with this similar pattern can help me learn some things before committing any resources.

Enter my favorite type 4.  She has allowed me to make things for her and her daughter that will wrinkle or are more white than is safe for toddlers without complaint and I in turn am very clear on the idea that I make things to be used so if I see the dress that took a week to make coated in ketchup stains I will take it as a compliment believing that someone has enjoyed wearing it.  This time I am aiming for a versatile and fancy looking easy care garment.   The overskirt is purple corduroy and the underskirt came from this top.

2015-01-13 002 2015-01-13 002

Why? Because good knits are pretty much an online only purchase due to location and after my closet clean out I have this easy wash no iron fabric in nicely contrasting happy little girl pink.

I “finished” this just before KCW, only it is still waiting for its elastic.  I somehow managed not to have any 1/2″ only every other kind.  So it isn’t actually finished yet.  If the elastic arrives, I’ll finish it this week.

Vivienne Pink and Purple Vivienne 2015-02-02

I have done lots of sewing today, though none of it was kids clothes (Since this post is long enough I’ll share that project another time.).  So what have I been doing on day one of KCW?  I’ve been preparing my patterns and selecting my fabrics.  His and hers color block t-shirts will be my starting point for projects one and two.  Valentine Color Block Sibling outfits.

T-shirts for upcycle 2015-02-02

Pattern one:  Mamma Can Do It:   A-Line Baby Dress size 12-18m

For my baby girl who has finally outgrown the red in her auburn hair to become a brunette who can wear red (I  hope).  This should be a quick and easy knit project.

knit a-line dress emma

2015-02-02 002 2015-02-02 016

Pattern two:  Rowan Tee by Twitchy Threads  size 5

For my little boy who loves hoods and pockets.

2015-02-02 003 2015-02-02 001

 I cut out all of the options so that I can lay them out on my fabric to determine what is possible.  I’d like to do long sleeves with a Kangaroo pocket like the clouds and rainbow version, but may lack the necessary fabric.

Rowan Tee Pattern 2015-02-02

Rowan Tee Cut Out 2015-02-02

Rowan Tee Sleeve 2015-02-02

Pattern three: The Hattie Dress by Brownie Goose

Not an upcycle, but a project I’ve been wanting to do for a while now.   I had planned to do a cotton version for the little girl who will be receiving the Vivienne skirt, during KCW last fall, but I didn’t get further than selecting fabric and cutting out the pattern. I finally found this lovely corduroy which I think will be good for winter/spring wear to make for A and will then make the cotton version for our young friend this spring.

2015-02-02 003 2015-02-02 002

I don’t know if I will get all of my goals done, but I’m looking forward to trying.

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