Holding Pattern


I don’t often find myself in the position of having many projects waiting on material or waiting to be start with few to work on, but I’m sort of there.  Yes, I have to finish up my Presents for the Craftroom series, but I have actually completed the sewing (the picture above is the cut pieces for my pincushion and thread catcher)  and am in the photos and posts portion of that.  I have made a bit of progress on my Starry Night Quilt and I am about half way through a skirt that I am making as a gift.  Much of my very limited sewing time lately has been taken up with alterations and wardrobe plans,  fun, but slow to progress and not very photo worthy.

I have done the alterations for 4 pairs of jeans and 3 skirts and am mulling over plans for refashioning one of the pairs of jeans into a skirt, but am waiting to receive some jean skirts I ordered before making a final decision.  I’m letting go of a few more of the items I was going to alter.  They won’t work with my new color palette.   I did discover, entirely by chance, the Colletterie Wardrobe Architect Series  and read through the posts.  I’ve done a lot of the steps already, and just won’t do some of them.  I found the worksheet on shapes (week 3) very helpful, as it was much more streamlined than the notes I had taken.  Although I get the impression my project is coming along nicely, I’m not quite brave enough to join their 2015 challenge.

My WIP list is varied, but (for me) short  I guess I usually like to keep a better mix of small and large projects going:

Sewing-alterations (on hold), Vivienne Skirt

Quilting-piecing the Starry Night Quilt

Crochet-Ribbed Cardigan for A


Stitching-poking at projects that have been around for years

Unfortunately today also has some bad news:

O dropped my iPod Touch (a.k.a camera) this morning and the home button isn’t working so until I get it fixed it is a very fancy nursing tracker with no other function 😦    And today is a nice sunny picture day and both the kids are sleeping at the same time!  Maybe I will be able to track down my old camera or borrow my huband’s Touch this weekend to get some photos.  As I type I am downloading what pictures I have prior to contacting Apple prior to getting ready for our dinner guests/playdate this evening.  Wish me luck.


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