Yet More Upcycled Seasonal Babywear

Grey Sweater Dress

I finally got around to making more of these crocheted button flowers-by the way, shirt buttons are a bit too small to work well. I still haven’t attached the first to A’s purple shirt dress.    I guess I’m waiting for spring to see if it still fits.  This grey dress (shown folded) was a xs petite women’s sweater and only needed to have the shoulders adjusted and about an inch taken in on each side including the lower section of the sleeves.

Felted heart applique sweater dress back

Another upcycled sweater to dress and leggings, this one is 100% lambs wool and I felted it before sewing.  Because it is felted it is super thick and warm-great for walks outside.  I got to keep the neck and shoulders and I didn’t need to finish the sleeves since felt doesn’t ravel.  Yep, this is the easiest upcycled sweater dress version yet.  I measured across for her shoulders, added a bit  of room for movement and growth (maybe 1-2 inches on each side), hoping to only do dresses once this winter, and then cut down each side at a slight angle.   Cut a little more off at a bit sharper angle for the arm holes pretty much as was done in the Make It & Love It tutorial that originally got me started upcycling sweaters. Then I flipped it inside out and sewed the sides back together with  a single line of elastic stitch.  No finishing necessary because, again, felt doesn’t ravel.


felted sweater set heart applique

Deciding that the front was a little too plain I added a heart of cabled knit left over from her first vest dress and and leggings combo.  The felted sleeves of this sweater became leggings too, but the dress is so long you can barely see them.    She doesn’t often wear them with the dress because the dress is so warm.  So warm in fact that I think it would be too hot if it had sleeves.

felted sweater set with heart applique front




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