Quilting Update

 Mini-Lemoyne Star Quilt

Beginning of my mini lemoyne stars

There are so many amazing quilts out there.  Often they are far beyond my limited quilting experience and expertise, but occasionally they aren’t.  Karen Styles posted several Lemoyne star quilts by her quilting group that had small Lemoyne stars on her blog For the Love of Antique Quilts.  I like the look and the idea of using up small strips of fabric and I have been looking to practice some more Lemoyne stars .  It will take quite a while before I accumulate the hundreds necessary to not repeat any fabric, but they won’t take up much space and I can make stars as I get combinations that I like. These are my first batch of 1″ by 10″ scraps of fabric.  Most of them are cut from the fabric scraps from the quilt I am currently working on.

Starry Night

Starry Night Quilt

This will be the upper portion of a quilt that features the Summer Night Lights panel from Wee Wander.  I’m making this one a twin size for my son, though he tells me this should be for me.    I’m haven’t decided yet what to do with the sky  I think I will keep the big dipper from the Summer Stars baby quilt pattern (You can learn more about the fabric and pattern in my Favorite Designers Series Post on Sarah Jane Studios) , but I will probably add a crescent moon and one or two other constellations.  I have plenty of flannel which gives me the luxury of deciding on the applique once I have the top pieced.


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