I hate clothes Challenge: Action Plan and Clothing Inventory Freebies

Just so you all know I haven’t forgotten to capitalize. I’m just trying to keep all my hating in small letters. 🙂

I’ve done a bit more cleaning out.  That is I went through my sweaters, my sweatshirts and a box of pre-baby clothes I found in storage. I’ve Added another 24 items to the charity pile and have 1 black cableknit sweater to upcycle.

This is a long post and without many pictures, so I’ll give you a quick overview.  I’ve completed steps 1-3 of my action plan and am working on 4a and b and number 7.   I’ve a couple of clothing inventory sheets for you and a round up of jeans to jean skirt upcycle options.

Action Plan

  1. List Alterations
  2. Inventory Clothes
  3. Decide on a color palette
  4. In parallel I will a) Do Alterations b) Select Patterns for new items as I see need c)create an outfits list
  5. Compare inventory and outfits removing garments that don’t work well and select items to add
  6. Sew and buy items to round out the wardrobe I want rather than settle for less
  7. Be a happier more me me with new skills, new clothes and more space in the closet.

Step 1: Alterations

I’ve got a lot of sewing to do.  Items didn’t make it to the alterations pile unless I had an idea of what I would do to them.

The list:

2 dress-shorten to skirts

5 skirts-shorten from Maxi to Midi

4 pair jeans-let out waist

4 2 wrap skirts-cut off ties and add buttons  (I decided that two of them weren’t really my style anymore)

1 skirt add godets

4 dresses-extend or repair shirring

2 dresses and one skirt-add side panels

All of this is in addition to the clothes I am dreaming of making.  It’s a good thing that the kids are used to me working in the craft room.

Step 2: Clothing Inventory

All my clothes are now inventoried.  I created a  Wardrobe Inventory Sheet (links below) so that I could get an idea of the type and style of the clothes I have.  I gave it the expanded function of keeping track of what I want to add whether through alteration, sewing or purchasing to give me a better impression of my evolving wardrobe so that I can see where my needs are.  I’ve taken pictures of the items as well for when I get a little further along with my alterations and can make up an outfit list, but I don’t know if I’ll use them.

Here is a sample from the Inventory.


The footer for the  inventory page has the following key:

Type:  S=skirt, D=dress, SW=sweater, P=Pants, T=Top, A=Accessory

Style:  C=Casual, S=Semiformal, F=Formal

Status: O=Ordered, A=Alterations, S=Sewing, H=Have, B=Buy

If you would like to use this system here are the sheets:

Clothing Inventory Blank Dot X

Clothing Inventory Blank PDF

Step 3:Color Palette

Do you love the colors in your wardrobe?  What would the colors in your ideals wardrobe be?

I chose grey as my primary color-I’m in love with grey these days.  A wears a lot of grey and black.  If I could trade wardrobes with her I would.  Who wouldn’t want a whole segment of clothes defined as “sleep and play”.  I’m a bit worried because grey is trendy, but I think neutrals will always be go to, so although some adjustments will need to be made when the neutrals trend peters out the pieces will still be workable.  That said

My secondary colors are black, white, and  cream.

Accent Colors:  blue (primarily pastel), Rose, Pastel Pink, Seagreen, Brown, Purple

Step 4a)Alterations

Progress:  Found 5 pair pre-baby jeans 4 will have the waistbands let out following this Cotton + Curls Tutorial.  One of those which somehow didn’t get hemmed will be turned into a jean skirt and pair 5 was actually on my “fabric” pile due to stains, but will provide the fabric for letting out the waistbands.  I haven’t tried this before, but it looks simple enough and I’ve done all of the unpicking and will hopefully get the waistband pieces cut and sewn over the weekend.  If this works well I could probably stop here and feel like I’m in great shape because I suddenly have so many more pairs of pants I can wear.  Two is not quite enough with small children.  I think I’ll make it further in my challenge though.

I haven’t decided on what style of skirt to make out of my jeans, but I’ve had my eye on a few different options.   Most of these don’t link to a tutorial so if you happen to know of one for these or another upcycle leave me a comment and I’ll be happy to add it.

Jeans to Jean Skirt Upcycle Round Up

Knee length Skirt with Crocheted edging and modesty panel on Lavidalucida.com

Moda e Dicas de Costura- High-Low Ruffle Skirt

Il Filo-Full Knee Length Skirt with 4 Godets

DIYReal-Skirt with Ruffles and Embroidery

Cherished Vintage-jeans top with Ruffle Skirt

Step 4b)  Select Patterns 

I’ve also picked out a few patterns that will help with the holes in my wardrobe-like having 2 tops that fit into my wardrobe plan, but I’ll save that for another post.

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