Challenge: I hate clothes

Burda 6/2012 121 REALLY LOVE THIS!Actually, I hate clothes shopping.  I will do a lot to avoid it even buy clothes at the grocery store.  I’ve always been a half size and a different size on top than on the bottom.  My wardrobe for teaching was just about perfect before I had little ones.  Each of them has changed me in different ways.  I miss my style, but I still hate shopping and now I’m not certain what will look good on me and what will fit.  I also live further from any decent shopping opportunities than I did before.  This shouldn’t add up to good things, but it does.

I love to sew.  I love clothes that are a bit different.  I like boho. I like vintage, I like organic.  I like pockets and neat little frills.  Currently my wardrobe consists of: 2 maxi skirts, 1 pair of palazzo pants, 2 pair of jeans, 4 shirts from my local dairy (3 long sleeve and 1 short-3 with holes), a nice sparkly sleeveless top for the holidays, 1 short sleeved red nursing top that looks okay (but is a pain), 1 black nursing blouse, 4 cardigans and a few pieces that don’t fit well or are starting to fall apart, but can be used to fill in in a pinch.  To go with that I have a heap of shawls (which I love, but the baby steals) and a pile of clothes that don’t fit or are out of season.  I also have a few patterns that I had purchased thinking “I’ll get to that as soon as I finish”…  I still have many of those things to finish as sewing for everyone else comes first, but I have decided to challenge myself.

My Challenge Goals:

1. Minimize my wardrobe.

2. Make each piece count.  That is have only pieces that I love and that make me look good.(or are just ridiculously comfortable for at home wear.)

3.  Have a wardrobe that coordinates.

4. Make it myself-as much as possible.

5. Make it from what I have if I can.

6. Stick mostly to Indie designers.

7. Pick up new skills.

Sew Mama Sew’s “10 Tips for Transitioning to a (Mostly) Handmade Wardrobe” really got me thinking about it and inspired me to get moving.  Moving toward those goals I have started looking at how I want to define my style and listing my likes and don’t likes.  I’ve also been looking up recommendations for different types of sleeves, necklines etc. by body type to clarify my pattern choices.

I’ve been slowly clearing out the closet, but really I need to just give up on those things I loved 2 children ago and start fresh.  This will have to wait until the baby isn’t sleeping, but if my reward is a closet with room for things that will make me happy and a lot less baggage as well as fabric to repurpose,  motivation becomes easier.

I’m also thinking about where my weaknesses are and what I’d like to improve.  My first two learning items are resizing patterns and working with fabrics that intimidate me.  For the latter I am hoping to get some great tips from Dana of DanaMadeIt and Kate of See Kate Sew who have been working on a Don’t Fear the Fabric Series.  So far they have been covering Oilcloth and Leather, but the series will continue through the coming year and will cover other often feared fabrics.  So far it’s been pretty inspiring.

I’ve joined Indiesew and added a 8 things to my wishlist.  My next steps are to choose a color pallet and to clean out the old.  Then, I’ll create an action plan and set a budget.   I’ve made a lot of progress for one day which was filled with small children.  My reward to myself was a small indulgence. The pdf pattern for the Burda Crossover Blazer (That gorgeous piece at the beginning of this post).  It’s not indie and it isn’t a basic piece, but it fills a hole in my current wardrobe and I just fell in love with it and it might be a blazer that actually suits me.  I’d make just as shown if I could source the materials, but it may end up as navy linen with a cream lining since I picked up some of both at the reuse store on my last trip to Ithaca.

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