Oh My Pretties: Books

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I’ve purchased some sewing books and they are nice or they have something I love in them.

Then there are books like these.

Let’s hope I can get through this post without the drool swamping the computer…

The Heather Ross Prints has some neat projects, conventional and unconventional, for using fabric and fabric designs.  It follows up with great advice on creating your own fabric designs.  The last few (32) pages have some of her designs from you to copy and use.  If it stopped there, it would be a really nice book-It doesn’t.  It also comes with a DVD of 50 of Heather Ross’s designs for your use.  So if you wanted to say print your own fabric or wallpaper or maybe have some fabric printed for you at Spoonflower you have the digital version.   I’m just going to take a moment for a happy sigh…

Okay, now lets get on to the book I really line so they can work for different figures, but they represent a wide range of skirts ruffled, gathered, pleated, wrap.  The detailing is lovely from embroidery, buttons, shirring and pockets all the way to lace.  Each design has a picture of a finished skirt.  There are clear illustrations and simple instructions for each design, as well, telling you what to do.

Warning:  This is NOT for Beginners.  Sewing experience is required.  The instructions tell you what to do, not necessarily how to do it.  There are additional illustrations for things like installing zippers, but I think beginners would find this beyond their comfort level.

I adore skirts and need some new ones for my post baby body.  I would and perhaps will sew every skirt in this book.  I’ve never had any pattern or pattern book about which I could say that.    Even if I never make any of these skirts I could adapt some of the detailing to other projects or just ogle the pictures.  They are well worth ogling.   If you like skirts,  I encourage you to put your hands on a copy to ogle.

The one major drawback, which would be a show stopper for beginners and even for many intermediate sewists is that the skirts are a set size. Minor adjustment info is given, but unless you fit that size or are very close to it (and I’m guess that a book by a Japanese designer which was originally published in Japanese would be more on the slight side) , you would probably save lots of time by doing some math before even drafting the pattern to see if you would like to make major changes to the draft for a muslin.  Then you’d need to do additional changes to fit based on the muslin.  Some of the skirts have many pieces so that might be quite a bit of math.  For me this is actually great, because I’ve been looking into learning wanting to learn to resize so that I can make a couple of vintage patterns that I picked up in a size I can wear.  Yay  convenient opportunity.

Disclaimer:  These lovely books have been brought to me by Amazon’s promotional credit for no-rush shipping and I would like to thank them for purchasing yummy sewing books for me in return for me buying things that I was going to buy from them anyway.

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