Upcycled Sweater Baby Dresses and Leggings

I thought I had already published this (as in before Upcycled and Reused), but apparently it got lost in the draft phase because it published when I tried to update. Black Sweater Dress in Motion 2014-11-02    I apologize for the quality of the photos.  I haven’t been able to get pictures of A’s new clothes when she isn’t in them as the only time she isn’t is when they are dirty.  A is now a baby in constant motion.  A faster camera would probably help, but as my crafting budget is going toward all of the lovelies in my Presents for the Craftroom Series…no new camera.

In the continuing saga of keeping baby A warm I hit the thrift store and bought her some sweaters dresses with leggings.  A has already grown out of the purple sweater dress I made from a sweater I had that was too short.   So now I’m making her more even warmer dresses.  The first sweater had a cowl that I decided to keep.  It just looked warm and cuddly when I put it on her, so she has her first cowled sweater dress.  Though my husband calls it her Uncle Fester Dress.

Fester Dress Close Up 2014-11-02

Fester Dress 2014-11-02

When you forget to unfold the sweater and cut the angle for the arm in the middle of the sweater instead of the edge

Sweater Vest Dress Oops 2014-11-02

you have to improvise.  I ended up with this Sweater Vest Dress.

Pink Vest Sweater Dress and Leggings 2014-11-03

The neck is a little wonky because of the extreme angle I had cut and a sudden lack of finishing time, but no one seems to notice when A wears it.

Both dresses are extra long to cover her tummy even when they ride up as she is learning to crawl and each has a set of leggings made from the sweater sleeves.

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5 Responses to Upcycled Sweater Baby Dresses and Leggings

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  3. These are gorgeous! I’m such a big believer in making your own clothes for kids when you can, they don’t care what they wear and you’re helping to save landfill. Good on you!

    • Logan Mack says:

      Thanks so much. I really love making clothes for my kids, though boys can be challenging. I’ve done a few more sweater conversions that will get posted as time allows and I just went on another raiding spree at the thrift store. I’m hoping to expanding into making some nice warm knit skirts for me too.

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