Favorite Designers Series: Sarah Jane Studios


First, let’s ogle some fabric.

I’ve fallen in love with Wee Wander by Sarah Wright of Sarah Jane Studios, which comes in two colorways, twilight and sunrise.  I first encountered it in the  Summer Stars Baby Quilt from Maryland Quilter on Craftsy.  The quilt reminds me of summer nights of childhood spent chasing fireflies I the backyard or watching hundreds of them blinking in the neighbor’s backfield, which was visible from the window next to my bed.  The same window offered me a view of the big dipper and a sky as full of stars as only a country sky can be.  We live in a valley now with trees all around and I lament the lack of starry view, but our back field is just as rich in fireflies as the field of my childhood memories.  Wee Wander’s twilight version of Summer Night Lights forms the bottom half of the Summer Stars Baby Quilt.


Summer Stars Baby Quilt

Summer Night Lights in Twilight

I will be recreating it just as soon as I have the right combination of blues for the sky.  When I bought my Summer Night Lights panel I was drawn in by all of the other prints in the collection since including:

With the Birds

With the Birds in Sea

Wander Woods

Wander Woods in Petal

and Meadering

Meandering in Petals

Wee Wander is Sarah’s 4th fabric collection.  All of which are full of fun and whimsy capturing the dreams, play and imagination of childhood.

Imagine my delight when I discovered the Sarah Jane Studios Blog  Yes, I’m almost certainly behind the curve in discovering her, since she’s been covered in more than one magazine, but I’m glad I have found her.  Sarah doesn’t limit her art to fabric, but has illustrated children’s books and a calendar among other things.  I was delighted to discover that those “other things” include some great embroidery designs.   I’ve just purchased one of her embroidery patterns.   Her Summer Flowers Embroidery Pattern, which is actually 4 patterns in one.

SUMMER_FLOWERS_shop_2_largeThis pattern, like the majority of her patterns, is a whimsical surface embroidery snapshot of children being children caught in beautiful moments.  Summer Flowers consists of two little girls and flowery accent patterns.  The patterns are clear, colorful and complete.  A pattern is provided for each girl facing left and facing right so that there is no need to reverse them yourself in order to get them facing the correct way for your project.  The PDF includes a clear color stitch guide that shows how the designs were stitched, indicating the type of stitch and color of floss (DMC numbers given) for each flower, leaf or segment.  It includes basic instructions for transferring embroidery patterns and stitch diagrams for each stitch.  I’ve encountered few patterns as well put together as this one.  My fingers are itching to stitch it on something for A, but I have no idea what size she’ll be come spring and she doesn’t have a room of her own.  Maybe I’ll stitch it up in an embroidery hoop to hang above her bassinet.

NOTE:  This is not a sponsored post.  As always the views expressed here are my own.

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