I won! I won!

I don’t remember the last time I won something-the last time before today that is.  Today, I won!  Better yet, I won a gift certificate to Superior Threads  from Melissa Cory of Happy Quilting.  Melissa is one of the (admittedly many) quilter/bloggers I follow on Bloglovin’  and she does some beautiful work.  This week she’s a part of the Quiltmakers 100 Blocks Vol 10 Bloghop with a pair of baby quilts.  As you will likely know if you’ve been here before, blue is always a winner with me, but she scored double in my books with her not pink baby girl quilt.  She hosts a regular Tuesday giveaway so hop on over for your chance to win and while you are there check out her blog.   A big thanks to Melissa and to Superior Threads for the added opportunity to ogle all things quilting, but particularly thread, maybe to go with the ridiculous pile of fabric I ordered over the weekend.

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