Fabric Alert!

Sometimes I e-shop and I fill my e-basket then I go back and slowly take things out eliminating nearly everything or everything in the basket.  I get my shopping rush, become more familiar what is available and manage not to get things I don’t need.  Not today.  Well okay maybe I did that with some precuts earlier, but I just bought an obscene amount of fabric.   Really obscene, as in mostly 1 yard cuts to total the equivalent of multiple bolts of fabric, with none of it being earmarked for a specific project-all of it just for the stash.  Lots of Kona solids and some beautiful prints.  I may roll in it Scrooge McDuck style with A when it arrives.  It was half off so I still feel good about it after having clicked the pay button.  My husband even encouraged me even when half in shock I told him just how ridiculously many yards of fabric I was buying saying “It’s not like you won’t use it.”

This was made possible by Jess at Elven Garden Quilts with her Friday Fabric Finds (and Sales Alerts!).   So if you’re in the market hop on over to her blog and check it out.  If you are a quilter, while you are there be sure to check out her tutorials, her quilts and the awesome Decipher Your Quilt Series she is doing with Leanne of She Can Quilt (another awesome blog).   Don’t forget to come back though as I would hate to lose you and I have several project updates coming soon (even without the iron).

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