Upcycled and Reused: keeping baby warm for winter

Blue Sweater Dress Nov 2014

There are a few parts that could use a bit of ironing, but that will have to wait until my new iron comes next week.  Here is its story:

We keep our home warmer than ever, but A is learning to crawl, which keeps her at floor level-the coldest place in house or she’s napping in the practically unheated upstairs.  She has a couple of adorable baby sweater dresses, but they are so thin.  They aren’t particularly long either.   They do cost plenty though $25-$40.  Instead I hit the thrift store for sweaters ($2-$4) and have been making A dresses that are so snuggly and warm.  The last couple had matching leggings as well, but this one didn’t have sleeves that were long enough, so she’ll have to wear some fleece pants or some legwarmers.  I’ve been mixing up the dress styles a bit, mostly because I don’t like something or make a mistake.  This time it was wider than I wanted so I took in the top and sleeves, but I went with front and back center pleats so that I could keep the width at the bottom.  Maybe some day I will be patient and only sew in stages around naptimes when I can test it on A, but I doubt it.  I am pleased as punch about this one.  (I’m not sure I’ve ever been pleased as punch before, but I’m certain that’s the feeling.)  Of course, my blue bias comes in to play, but I got to use some more of the elastic I got as part of a lot at my EGA chapter auction and a antique button that was part of a set I couldn’t pass up at my local reuse sewing store.   I just love that button.  Here is a close up.

Blue Sweater Dress Button Close Up

The only really new part of this sweater, apart from the baby who will be wearing it is the thread.  Total cost less than $6.

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2 Responses to Upcycled and Reused: keeping baby warm for winter

  1. What a great idea! I adore this upcycle. It’s unique and brand new to me. What a great way to use an old sweater for a new purpose – you may have one in your drawer and save a trip to Good Will. Thanks for sharing.

    • Logan Mack says:

      Thanks. This was the latest in a series of sweaters I’ve been altering for A. The first is part of my post Projects in Purple which links to the Make It & Love It Blog Tutorial on making a peasant style baby sweater dress, which could be handy when you raid your closet. I’ve added a post with a couple more variations too if you are interested.

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