Full Stop

This weekend was the first at home in quite a while.  We realized it was the only weekend that we would be able to take the kids to a swim lesson in this 8 week session, which finally convinced my husband that maybe we should skip this session and start up again after the holidays.  I was even treated to a couple of hours without kids, which I spent finishing up some holiday projects, which I won’t be able to share yet, and getting a start on my Dear Santa Mug Rug (a pattern I found on Craftsy). I even got a pile of fabric washed.

2014-11-16 001 2014-11-16 005

Sunday we would host a brunch playdate.  While my favorite guy was down in the kitchen turning eggs from our chicken into a tasty quiche and the kids were still sleeping, or happily jumping in the jumper.  I got spent my early morning ironing a pile of fat quarters.   Primarily the Tanya Whelan Slipper Roses  that will be the backbone of a few upcoming projects from my ongoing Presents for the Craftroom Series.   Feeling very productive and in good shape for timely holiday crafting and thus low stress holiday enjoyment with my craftroom starting to look a little neater (possibly more to do with removing the several boxes of presents than with anything else), I happily ironed away.  A short while later my three year old got up and wandered in.  I have a box of craft room toys for him, which he likes to play with while he jumps sits on the bed, an ironing unfriendly activity as the ironing board is next to said bed.  So up he climbs and as I give in to the beginning fussing from A in her jumper  turning off my iron to put it safely away, only to have the knob come off with a little broken bit to boot.   So my craft room is in full stop mode now.  No more quilting, no cute little baby dresses, no little boy hoody, no little girl skirt, no starting my next two quilting projects, no presents for the craft room.   No sewing.

iron 2014-11-16 001Uh oh…Bye Bye schedule.  This isn’t earth shattering because I’m doing well schedule wise for holiday deadline projects and I have been thinking of upgrading the iron I inherited about a decade ago, but I haven’t been able to find an iron that doesn’t get very conflicting reviews.  Help me out crafty readers.  Any suggestions?  One you like or don’t like?  Features you look for/avoid?

One small saving grace.  I just picked up the following patterns and have materials for two of them.  So I have a bit of handwork to do while I iron hunt.  Really this is probably the only thing keeping me from panicking at a potential lack of crafting.

candle mats 2014-11-11 001



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