I’ve been working on some Presents for the Craftroom and some of the associated posts.  I’m getting very excited because as of 2am  I have placed a final fabric order (I hope).    It should fill in 3 or four projects and should coordinate with my dresser really well.  I keep shifting from the idea of a boho color pallet to a shabby chic color pallet and I finally decided to try something a little in between.  Is that even possible?  I may have to recover some of my scrap baskets.  We’ll see how it works out overall.  If you want to know how I got there feel free to keep reading.  If you are just waiting for the tutorial links and finished pictures, that’s okay too.  Feel free to have a cup of tea or coffee instead.

I’ve never had the opportunity to make a room exactly what I want it to be.  I’ve always had to compromise and even though my eventual craftroom in the attic-post the eventual remodel-has been claimed as a shared space now, I’ve decided I will have it be my pretty, comfy, inspiring space because when it comes right down to it my husband doesn’t notice things like that anyway and he’s probably going to keep setting his projects up in front of the TV or on the dinning room table, so why drop all of my carefully laid imagingings plans.  My very first really me girly space is still in the works and in accordance with this I am going to ignore reality for a while.

Eventually my craft room will be white walls with my colored furniture and tools in it giving it bursts of color here and there.  Eventually it will have shelves for supplies and shelves for books and a closet and room to move around the furniture and it will look put together.  Now it isn’t and it doesn’t, but as I make my gifts for the craft room the latest set will coordinate with my dresser, which is my very favorite pretty furniture piece, and hopefully allow me to tie a few more colors in. I will keep them in line with my dream space. Once I made that decision  I knew I would be looking for greens and pinks.  I anticipated many trips to fabric stores slowly collecting what I would need.  Fun, but I didn’t really want to wait that long to upgrade my craftroom.  It works hard to  meet my needs and it deserves a little TLC.  So when I got the latest newsletter from Hawthorne Threads and it featured TanyaWhelan’s Slipper Roses   I  couldn’t pass it up.  Greens and pinks and whites and coordinating blues as well?  How fast can I click “add to cart”.  So expect to see some of these fabrics in upcoming posts as I complete the final projects for the craftroom.

If you are just joining me  you may want to check out the completed projects in this series:  Pattern Weights and Scrap Baskets.


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