Cheater Quilt Number 2

Having recently discovered finished quilt blocks on e-bay, that is where I went when I had a backload of projects and suddenly needed a baby quilt for a friend’s newborn.  I’ll have to say it didn’t work out as well the second time.  The black and white blocks turned out to be black, white, grey, cream and brown in addition to not being sewn as well as I would like (not poorly but I hate when the seams pucker and this has a lot of seams).   Luckily this was an all in one project and not something I would be combining with something else.    Oddly I could probably find time to do blocks, but travelling to the shops to get fabrics and hoping to find enough of the right kind would be too much (rural life does have a few disadvantages)  so thank you e-bay- I may call on you again if I have something time critical to complete.

K's Quilt front K's Quilt Back Quilt Tag K's Quilt  Unfortunately this I decided to hand tie this quilt and to put in a lot of ties since it will likely see heavy use and that took sooo much longer than expected.  Next time it would be charm tacks if I don’t want to wait months to have it quilted.  Also, I would allow shipping time for black pearl cotton for ties, as I think it would blend better.  I learn so much from every project.  One thing I was very pleased with was the quilt label, which I hadn’t tried before.  I’m not sure why I never bothered, perhaps because I haven’t made any other quilts that have gone outside the family…

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