Sleeping Warm

A has the most adorable fat rolls.  I can’t get enough of them.  Her thighs are always the most challenging part to fit into her clothes and I always feel the urge to jiggle them at changing time.  They are that cute.  She’s working on some nice fat all around, but even being so well insulated doesn’t keep her warm.  Our house is much warmer than when her brother was her age.  We’ve made a lot of changes to ensure that, including insulating cellular shades and turning up the thermostat and I will grant that it has definitely been a cooler summer and his first summer was a very hot one, but even dressed in fleece she gets cold in a way that that skinny boy, with not an ounce of fat on him, never did.  Her Halo swaddler sleepsack has been the only thing warm enough for her to sleep in…in summer… and now that it is fall it’s getting small enough that diaper changes are becoming very disruptive.  Cuddles are great, but I am a terrible mom on days following nights where I am up 3-7 times a night and then need to spend an hour or more cuddling her to get her back to sleep for many of those wakings.  There just isn’t enough coffee to make that work for us, so I drafted a great big, super warm sleepsack.

A quilted Sleepsack A’s sleepsack test drive.

It’s big, but that is what I wanted so that she can wear it all winter.  It has two layers of cotton batting and is flannel lined.  The fabric I got, along with another piece, at auction for a dollar.  The batting is from a roll I bought on sale and have been using a lot since.  The bias tape is from a pile of notions that I thrifted last year.  The zipper is new as I didn’t have any 22″ open coil separating zippers, which is a must for the other quality that I definitely wanted in a sleepsack, namely that it can be unzipped from the bottom while the top stays closed.

2014-10-21 001 2014-10-21 059  I had originally thought I’d add sleeves, but I decided that I’ll add detachable sleeves later so that it is more versatile and will be better able to grow with her.  Instead I just used some premade binding on the armholes and neck.

Quilting on Sleepsack  For my first experiment in free motion quilting  this was a nice small project.  I outlined the larger flowers and a few of the smaller ones.  They are close enough together that they will help hold the layers together, but aren’t an overwhelming amount of quilting.

Sleepsack sandwiched   Here you can see a bit the back of the quilting on the lining (green on the left).  I’m glad it will be on the inside as it’s pretty ugly.  I took these just after I had inserted the zipper and finished layering the quilt sandwich for the front of the sleep sack.  I spent a fair bit of time on Tuesday finishing this up.  The quilting on the front went much faster than on the back as I’d already decided on my pattern and method  and didn’t need to figure things out as I went.  Also I pin basted, which I didn’t do for the back.   The pin basting was necessary on the front so that the layers would stay flat and in proper relation to the zipper.  After I finished quilting, I sewed the edges together ,skipping the armholes, then trimmed the openings a final time to compensate for any shifting and take out the seam allowances from the armholes.  A little bias tape and it was done.

I’m pretty happy with the results.  A has slept in it twice now and seems to be comfortable.   A second will likely be in order, for rotation, but I’m looking forward to crossing a few other items off my list since this was such a long project from start to finish as I was making it up as I went along.

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