A’s Knight Costume

O firmly believes he will be a dragon for Halloween.  All the evidence supports this.  Apart from his first Halloween when he was a Dalmatian (He outgrew his Jack-O-Lantern costume before the holiday arrived), which he doesn’t remember, he has always been a dragon.  That is 2 Halloween’s of experience to go by.  Last year he even trick-or-treated in his dragon costume, which still fits.

I don’t know if this is what he most wants or really just an assumption about how the world works.  He has seen other costumes, but his “Soon it will be Halloween and I will be a dragon.”   mentality works for me.  Really works.  Last year’s costume still fits.  He wore it to the grocery store just last month.   And if it doesn’t that’s okay, because I bought him a dragon costume in the next size at the annual sale at Mama Goose in Ithaca.  O is totally covered.

This year is A’s very first Halloween and very first costume.  No girly princesses for her (yet).  We are doing feisty and fearsome baby knight, to go with her brother.  She gets a sword, shield, mail and a tabard and will be mounted in a baby Bjorn.  Each of them will also get a teddybear and blanket a la Knight Time by the Janes Clark and Massey in which the baby knight and the baby dragon become friends.

A's Knight Costume Final

This costume is a basic T tunic using costume fabric for the chainmail.  The neck on the shirt is very wide as this is not a stretchy fabric and it needs to fit over A’s head.  That should be okay as the tabard is made out of a men’s undershirt and is very stretchy and should cover the opening underneath.  The hood is separate as I don’t know if she’ll tolerate the hood or not.   I drew the coat of arms using MS Paint and used that as an iron on for the tabard and printed it and coated it with mailing tape to attach it to cardboard for a shield.  If you want a copy  of the Coat of Arms I’d be happy to share just leave a comment asking for it .  It’s currently a .docx, but I can easily convert to PDF if you prefer.  The Sword was one of the projects for the Craftsy Costume Box Class, which I have been enjoying.

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8 Responses to A’s Knight Costume

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  2. Valerie says:

    Sure! 🙂

  3. Logan Mack says:

    Thanks. That may help me calm the riot of ideas to something a bit more manageable.

  4. Valerie says:

    Vampire (cape made from black fabric + plastic teeth), super heroes (hand-sewn capes from shiny material + handmade masks from foam sheets), ghost (big, white sheet with holes cut out for eyes- seriously!!), doctor/nurse (real scrubs + Fisher Price doctor kit), and for our 5th costume, I’d have to say a mismatch of all the other little things we’ve acquired over the years (wigs, swords, glasses, etc) They love dressing up. It’s always a fun activity to do WITH them! 😀

  5. Logan Mack says:

    Thrift stores really are a blast. I even got my serger at a thrift store. What would you say your kids top five favorite costumes have been?

  6. Valerie says:

    Definitely! Over the years, we’ve collected quite a few fun things for ours. 🙂 Check out thrift stores for medical scrubs, scarves, and hats! Wash everything and the kids will have a blast. 😀

  7. Logan Mack says:

    Thanks. It was a fun project. I’m really looking forward to when my little ones are old enough to have a dress up box.

  8. Valerie says:


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