Projects in Purple

Okay babies first.

Bit Purple Sweater Dress and Leg Warmers  Here A is modeling her upcycled sweater dress and leg warmers.  This sweater was in great shape, but too short and I have been waiting for cooler weather just for this project.  The project is based on the Old Sweater into Short Sleeve Dress (Peasant Style)  Tutorial on Make It & Love It.  I made a few small changes with the collar and made some leg warmers out of the remainder of the sleeves by creating an elastic casing at each end (hem and insert 1/4″ elastic) .

She also has a purple dress that is an upcycle from a shirt I had for years.  It’s still waiting for the embellishment which will be some crocheted button flowers along the bottom.  Considering how the weather has been going embellishment isn’t likely to happen unless it still fits come spring, but we’ll see since they are half finished.

purple shirt dress 2014-10-17

O has quilts and blankets some for sleeping some for nighttime accidents and one for each vehicle.  A being a second child has far fewer blankets and she’s outgrowing sleepsacks and swaddlers and starting to need more blankets.  Yes,  I know babies and blankets are a no no.  I’m going with the lesser of two evils so that she doesn’t freeze to death as the weather gets colder, also she’s right by our bed and I’m a light sleeper.  Every time she chirps I wake up, so this is also a bit selfish, if she can sleep better so can we all. I have lovely fabric for a hexi quilt, but she needs things now.   Enter cheater quilt number 1:  I was looking for blocks on ebay when I discovered premade quilt blocks.  The color combination here caught my eye and the size and number would be an easy baby quilt.  Here it is without border and before sandwiching.

Purple Log Cabin QIP

and after

purple log cabin with prairie points

It is very rumpled as it had been wadded up in a bag to take with me to do the hand stitching.  This was my first go at prairie points and I definitely could have done better, but I was working with the kids in the background so it got to the point that good enough was going to have to do.



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