Just for Me

Most of what I make is for my kids, my husband, my extended family, my husband’s co-workers, my son’s daycare providers etc. (apart from things for the growing belly, that is) at least it feels that way.  But September was my first EGA (Embroidery Guild of America) meeting since A was born and I decided to treat myself.  Anyone familiar with EGA will know that members wear name tags, which if I’m honest are a life saver, since spotty attendance on my part and the part of others sometimes leaves me drawing a blank when it comes to people who aren’t always at meetings and aren’t always active participants.  Name tags are also a way to show off some really cool stitching.  I have 2 name tags (not as impressive as many).  The first was a practice ribbon/surface embroidery project.

EGA Nametag

Most of my stitching experience has been with cross-stitch, which my Grandma taught me to do when I was a child, but when I joined the ANG I learned needlepoint, hardanger, blackwork and beading among other things and have had opportunities to improve my skills in those areas.  (Thank you, to my friends in the North Country Chapter for making encouraging me to do so.)  Now I love to try new things.  I’ve been eyeing up some stumpwork and some surface embroidery, as well as, more silk ribbon embroidery, but big projects can be daunting (and pricey) so I like to dabble with little projects before I invest in new tools and materials.  That way I get to see if I like the technique.  This was one of those dabblings.  It was also an opportunity to learn a new finishing technique, since I can do some basic framing, some simple ornaments and some bookmarks, but had never finished a flat ornament or something intended to be worn.

The second, I received as part of a holiday exchange a few years ago.  It’s a lovely little snowman, stitched by Nan Smith I believe.  Sorry no picture for this.  It was either write a post or locate this nametag in the craftroom.  My new nametag borrows her quick and simple finish.  I love fall just as much as I love blue, so I guess it isn’t a surprise that this is the first season to get a new nametag.  I found this pumpkin pattern * on Pinterest and stole an evening to treat myself.  I’m rather pleased with the results.

Pumpkin Name Tag

*If you are curious the color numbers refer to DMC embroidery floss.

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