My 10 Quilty Little Secrets

So many secrets spilled.  I just stumbled upon “My 10 Quilty Little Secrets” at Vine Lines Quilting  and I followed it around to several other blogs and finally back to 13 spools.  Somehow these secrets make me happy whether they are about being laid back or perfectionist colors, quilting, stitching or finishing.  It’s nice to know how others feel and what they think.  So here goes.

13 Spools

1.I rarely pin and  I don’t clip either. Mostly because I’m lazy.  I do covet the little clover clips, though.  They are just cute.  I do use binder clips  (office supply type) for binding.

2.I love batiks.  I go into a shop looking for adorable tiny florals and I end up with batiks.

3. I’d probably prefer hand quilting to machine quilting, but I’ll still never do much because it would take up valuable stitching time for embroidery and needlework.

4.I’m not really interested in quilting, that may change some day, but so far I just like piecing.

5. I spend too much investing in the best tools I can afford.  So much time and money is wasted with make do tools that don’t work well or require fidgeting about with the tools or project to make it work. If you read number 1 you may be wondering why I don’t own the clips.  I will as soon as I can find something I will actually use them for.

6. I love Kona Solids.  I love color more than pattern, which is probably what draws me to batiks as well, since the offer subtle blender patterns that are still mostly about the colors.

7.  Number 6 aside.  I am a sucker for nature patterns, even in batiks,  I almost always avoid geometrics, but may not be able to pass up a green vine on a green background or some leaves. It might seem like my preference for solids and blenders rather than patterns could result from a lack of confidence in fabric selection, but I’m plenty confident.  During my first quilting class I  bought colors and patterns that were recommended against by the instructor and the staff.   It always gets oohs and aahs and I’m still happy about it.

8. I will forgive points that don’t quite meet up long before I will forgive colors that don’t quite work.

9. I hate Jo Morton the colors seem so washed out to me, because of all of the creams and browns.

10. I prewash…all of the colors together.  I just throw in a color catcher.

11. Because #2 isn’t necessarily a secret:  I iron.  A lot, but only when sewing.  I won’t clothes.  Pressing is only for buttons  (preferably large and red) and keys.

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3 Responses to My 10 Quilty Little Secrets

  1. vinelines says:

    Batiks are great. So many stunning colours and patterns to choose from. Thank you for freading my blog too! 🙂

  2. Logan Mack says:

    Thanks for reading and thank you for the encouragement. I love doing handwork, but cross-stitch, hardanger, blackwork and ribbon embroidery get preferential treatment in the event of time for hand stitching. There’s so little hand stitching time these days. Also the quilts I make see fairly rough use. Maybe some day when my little ones are older, I’ll do more with hand quilting.

  3. what a fun list to read. You should try hand work… sounds like you have a passing interest and slow handwork like embroidery is as valuable use of your time as piecing IMHO… it’s about the process really isn’t it? Not making 25 projects, but the enjoyment of the making? Just a thought…
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color

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