Presents for the Craftroom-Intro

With two little ones at home aged a few months and 3 and a few months I rarely have time to sew and often only in short bursts, so every minute has to count.  With that in mind I will be making myself and my craftroom some presents.  The room is a decent size, but since it is meant to function as a craftroom, a  guestroom and Santa’s Workshop all without a closet it gets loaded up and cramped very quickly.

Last year I concentrated on major organization and storage with a dresser for fabric and a file cabinet for patterns.

Finished Dresser closedFile Before

You may remember these from my post on storage in the craftroom July of last year.   This year it is all about the little things  making the space work more smoothly so that things go faster.  To that end I will be making

Pattern Weights ~ Window Baskets ~ Hanging File ~ Thread Catcher ~ Lavender Pouches(I am cheating on this last since I did them last year too.)

UPDATE:  This series will include two posts (at least) about items I didn’t make myself.  One on “Space/Organization Items” and One on “Tools

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