What Color is Your Nursery

My projects tend to develop when a number of percolating ideas fit together.  In this case I wanted to learn about values quilting, half square triangles, and machine quilting.  I needed to make a quilt for my daughter to be.  When I made this quilt for my daughter I thought about how it might one day be a quilt for her daughter and how maybe she might not like green and purple, or cranberry and rose.  I find batiks hard to resist and had picked up a few charm packs on sale ($6) at the Fat Quarter Shop.    I put all of those things together and came up with this colorful quilt.

Baby Girl Quilt 2014-01-16 001Baby Girl Quilt 2014-01-16 002

It is the first quilt I have machine quilted.  I did it on my home machine using the walking foot.

While, with my quilt top in tow, I was looking for a quilting pattern for the border at my local quilt shop I received many compliments and one request for a pattern.  It had never occurred to me that 1. Someone might want a pattern 2. I could make a pattern.  Clearly #2 was possible since I had created the pattern when I made the quilt and #1 was apparently not so crazy either.

My daughter is 4 months old now and I thought maybe I’d spend some of the nursing time doing some 1 fingered typing.


A’s Baby Quilt or What Color Is Your Nursery

Notes:  All seams are 1/4″, No bias cut strips were used in this quilt


2 charm packs plus 2 coordinating 5” squares OR 82 5” squares

border 1 1/3 yd

border 2 3/8 yd

batting 5/8 yd

backing 5/8 yd or 1 1/3 yds for one directional fabrics  (at least this is what my app tells me)

binding ½ yd


Cut 4 strips of border 1 and 4 of border 2 at 2.5” by the width of your fabric. If your fabric width is less than the 45”common for most batiks, you will need to cut 5 strips for border 2 and piece the strips for border 2 together then trim after attaching to each quilt edge.

Cut 5 strips at 3” for binding.


Divide squares into 3 piles. Darks, Lights and “I’m not sure if it is dark or light”.   Create pairs by matching a dark with a light. Do the same within the I’m not sure pile by simply finding a darker or lighter square to pair it with. You  may need to swap squares with some of the pairs you’ve already matched.  Match the pairs with their right sides together.


Using your ruler mark diagonally from one corner to another. Sew a ¼” seam along each side of the marked line.   Cut along the marked line to create 2 half square triangle blocks. Press seams open. Repeat until you have 81 blocks. You will have one extra (82).

Square the blocks.

Lay the blocks out in a 9×9 grid with the values arranged as shown below.

d= dark half, l= light half , / or\ indicates the direction of the diagonal.

l/d d/l l\d d\l l\d d\l l\d d\l l\d
d/l l/d d\l l\d d\l l\d d\l l\d d\l
d\l l\d d/l l/d d/l l/d d/l l/d d/l
l\d d\l l/d d/l l/dl d/l l/d d/l l/d
d\l l\d d/l l/d d/l l/d d/l l/d d/l
l\d d\l l/d d/l l/d d/l l/d d/l l/d
d\l l\d d/l l/d d/l l/d d/l l/d d/l
l\d d\l l/d d/l l/d d/l l/d d/l l/d
d\l l\d d/l l/d d/l l/d d/l l/d d/l


Sew blocks together to form rows*. Press seams open. Sew rows together. Press seams open.

Sew borders sides first then top and bottom, completing border 1 before adding border 2 and pressing seams as you go.

Sandwich quilt with batting and backing.

Quilt and bind.

*Before sewing you may choose to lay your blocks out and iron them on to fusible interfacing Elizabeth’s Fabric Focus-Quick Piece Tiny Squares on Sew Mama Sew is a great tutorial.  This cuts down on keeping track of blocks and orientation and can help to compensate for any squares that are just a tiny bit off if you use the grid layout method shown on Oh Fransson! by Elizabeth Hartman when she is working with postage stamp pieces.

Feedback is welcome so please comment.

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