Phoenix Pelican

My husband once told me a story about the Pelican he had as a child and how he used to hide things in it. My MIL, who seems to have kept every toy her children ever owned, not too long ago found the pelican and sent it home with my son.

The last 30 years didn’t prepare it for surviving a 3 year old boy.

Soon it had wire popping through the bias tap rim of it’s beak and a hole at the bottom of the pouch.  Daddy told him to take it to Mommy so it could go to toy hospital and get fixed.  Yeah that wasn’t happening, … but it was a beloved toy of 2 generations.  I considered using it as a pattern to make a new one and Andy reminded me that his mother keeping everything might also mean having kept the pattern.  I used the piping, zipper, stuffing and some of the upper beak fabric from the old one to make the new one.  The fabric was just stuff that I’d had for years so I didn’t have to get anything new for this Pelican.  With the pattern  (Butterick 4311/227) I found that wings were included so I added those.

Phoenix Pelican

 New Pelican

and the Remains

Old Pelican

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