Sea Quilt Top

2014-06-03 002 2014-06-03 005

There it is… the finished top, minus borders, for my Sea Quilt.  (Don’t look too closely at the crooked sides-I was using up thread I had and it wasn’t all the same weight.  Turns out that can make a big difference over 15 blocks. )

It takes up the entire floor of my son’s room.  This is a side view since it is wider than it is long (my husband is a notorious blanket thief) and I could only just fit in the room this way.  If I had it to do again I would increase the number of medium values to 1/2 to 2/3 of the number of strips.  I actually put the borders on over a month ago and was going to take a picture, but it was so big I couldn’t find a place to lay it out apart from over the couch and then my son (age 3) came home and tried to curl up in it so maybe when it gets back from the quilter, who I visited yesterday and with whom I hope to drop the quilt off next week.  I also decided to leave out the setting corners.  I just didn’t feel like it needed them.  You can be the judge of that when it’s all finished.

If you want to make a Sea Quilt head on over to this post, where I have included a rough set of instructions.  I hope to find time to polish those up sometime soon.   I used the Robert Kaufmann Quilt Calculator App for borders, binding, batting and backing and to figure out how much fabric to purchase.  My finished quilt didn’t adhere to these numbers mostly because I had to go with what I could find that coordinated and minimum purchase amounts.  If you do decide to make a quilt please let me know and I’ll feature it here on my blog.

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3 Responses to Sea Quilt Top

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  2. Logan Mack says:

    Thanks. This picture really doesn’t do justice to the colors, the blues and aquas are much richer than the look here.

  3. lovelydeer says:

    Absolutely amazing I want 1!

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