An Accidental Delight

In two weeks we are hosting our annual summer brunch.  Tomorrow night we are having guests for dinner.  I’m killing two birds with one stone by bake testing the Giant Cinnamon Roll Cake for the brunch, which will be dessert tomorrow (with a newborn and a three year old both at home tomorrow I’m not going to have time for bake testing.)  So of course the answer was “No.” when my husband, upon arriving home, asked if he could have a piece of cake.  “Oops.”  It seems a piece was already missing….


Well, it was salvageable, but I know that if I want it to stay that way I’ll need an alternative.  Luckily, I bake tested a batch of microwave lemon curd over the weekend.  I thought I’d whip up a quick graham cracker crust.   Then I noticed the ginger snaps in the cupboard next to the graham crackers and soon we had…

Ginger Coconut Lemon Delight

2014-06-10 001 2014-06-10 0142014-06-10 001 2014-06-10 013

(It was half gone before I tried it and realized I needed to share.)


4 graham crackers

5 small ginger snaps

4T butter or margarine melted

coconut flakes

lemon curd (a double recipe)


1.  Crush graham crackers and ginger snaps (a food processor works great for this.).  Mix together.  Mix in melted butter and press into a 9″x9″ baking pan.  (You can bake this if you want, but I didn’t bother.)

2.  Pour lemon curd over crust.

3. Sprinkle with coconut flakes.



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