Snuggling Up Part II

April means variable temps here in the north east which may be comfy for me, but A gets cold easy.   In the hospital, we couldn’t dress A as there were too many tubes and monitors attached to her, even swaddling was a challenge and every time someone came in to check her they would undo the swaddle and for some reason they never re-did it. (Also, I needed something to keep my hands busy while A was sick.  Hospitals are BORING.). It was time to make that afghan that I never got around to before she was born.

I  like to crochet with A on my lap, either on a Boppy or resting on my legs when I sit Indian style.  A blanket is perfect for this because I can cover her with it as I work.  Enter the simple and quick hooded afghan.

2014-05-23 001 2014-05-23 0012014-05-23 001 2014-05-23 004

This has proven really snuggly.   It forms to her in a way that her quilt just doesn’t.  The hood is great if we are out for a walk on a windy day or if I simply want to keep her covered, yet need a hand to do something else-like say catch a 3 year old.   I was really pleased with the way the yarn worked up and that it is machine washable a must for baby things.


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