Finished Nursing Tops

2014-03-06 001 2014-03-06 001

I finally found a use for the dressform we made the day before I found out I was pregnant.    It isn’t the best model as I’ve allowed it to become lumpy and misshapen  in addition to having removed much of the stuffing, but I wanted to be able to give you an idea of what the tops I mentioned in my previous post look like when they are tied on.  (I was also curious as to how it would look tied on without the giant baby belly underneath.) Sorry for the poor quality of some of the pictures.  We are only days away from new baby and I could only steal a few minutes.

 2014-03-06 001 2014-03-06 007 2014-03-06 001 2014-03-06 008 2014-03-06 001 2014-03-06 009  2014-03-06 001 2014-03-06 003 2014-03-06 001 2014-03-06 0052014-03-06 001 2014-03-06 006

The front has an extra panel that can lift up for nursing, while also serving as a cover up.

I love these tops.  I’ve been wearing them almost every day. In fact, despite having some other really cute tops  I wear these any time A will need to nurse somewhere other than home.  It cuts down on the number of things I need in the diaper bag.  I plan to make a couple more in neutrals to go with some of the colorful skirts I’ve made.  They are probably cuter as maternity tops than nursing tops, but they are oh so useful.

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