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Crochet Baby Dresses

Using the Raleigh Belle Crochet Pattern by Lisa Naskrent  I crocheted 2 dresses for Baby Girl.  The first in black and blue in a 3 month size and the second in cream and blue (or whatever color I end up choosing) in a 6 month size.

cream crochet dress black crochet dress

Puff Chairs Tutorial from Living with Punks  has lead to some puff cushions/building blocks.  I’ve finished 2 of an intended 6  (3 sets of 2 pair) as piping in coordinating colors and appropriate amounts  has proven much harder to obtain than expected.

flowers puff dots puff

Maternity Tops based on several different tutorials  which I then adapted as I saw fit.  Thrift Store Button Down Shirts turned into maternity tops quick and easy.

Only one pic for these as two are from when I wasn’t so pregnant.

orange maternity shirt

the tutorials from DIY Maternity:

Button Up Babydoll Maternity Top

Men’s Button Shirt to Maternity Shirt

Shirred Maternity Tunic Top

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