SeaQuilt Teaser

SeaQuilt Fabric

My next quilt in one small pile.

My husband doesn’t seem interested in the quilts I made last year and wants a giant blue quilt instead.  He’s only ever used Oren’s lap quilt (blue and white LaMoyne Stars)   even though all of the quilts are out on the couch.    So I took the excuse and ordered some blue fabrics  that will (hopefully) become a post and rail quilt inspired by this lovely quilt on flicker.  I love blue and I really like the contrast between the straight lines of the piecing and the quilted lines of the quilting, which combined with the graduated blue give it a water feel.   I don’t have a pattern and want it to be larger than I believe this one is, so I’ve done some math and worked out what I think should work.  I’ll let you know how it goes, once I get a chance to try it, which may be a while with New Baby coming soon.  If it works out well I might post my pattern/instructions.

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