Baby Girl Birth Sampler WIP

In my last post I mentioned working on a birth sampler for my daughter which is based on the Seba designs SAL by Banu Dimerel (possibly 2011 or 2010 I forget which year it was originally offered-she has had several more gorgeous SAL’s since this one.)  I was only going to do the rosebud and cranberry Crescent Colors Belle Soie, but once I had made the quilt and realized my color preference was probably more green & purple than red & pink (chosen when I got supplies for my son’s sampler) I wanted to add some more color so the sampler will now features the following colors

Crescent Colors:

Argyle Socks

Auntie Dee

Aunt Marie’s Violet

Crescent Colors Belle Soie:



The Gentle Art Simply Shaker:

Grape Leaf 7028

Dungarees 7044

Baby Girl Sampler WIP 2014-01-21 001

Progress so far includes most of the colors.  Only 1 more purple to add, which will go in the 6 smallest corner boxes.

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