In Other News

Yes, the 21 ornaments in my last post could account for much of my crafting time, between September and January, but let’s be real.  I did do a few other things.  I did the binding on the three quilts I did earlier in the year.  I also designed and made a fourth quilt which I machine quilted myself.  This was a first for me, as was making a HST quilt and a values quilt so it involved a lot of learning, but I love how it turned out (okay, I’m not completely sold on the second border, but…).   This was a lot of fun as I made the half square triangles from a couple of charm packs that I got on sale and then just found a layout I liked.  I wanted something that could coordinate with almost any color, and I think I found it.   The backing is a very pale yellow which doesn’t show up well in this picture.

Baby Girl Quilt 2014-01-16 001Baby Girl Quilt 2014-01-16 002

This will be for our little girl who is due in March (on her brother’s birthday).   I had an abnormally huge number of appointments for her early on for what I can only assume was the benefit of the ob-gyn practice I go to as they could then bill for more appointments; one for confirmation test,one for ultrasound, and one for paperwork just to confirm and establish that we would be dealing with an impending baby…for a while I literally had 2 appointments a week (which are at one of 2 offices an hour away).  It makes the one ever two weeks in the third trimester seem breezy.

I made a few maternity tops and I’m also working on a birth sampler for her based on the Seba Designs SAL I also used for my son.  The last of my free time was taken up with some sewing projects for him and for gifts, which I’ ll get some photos of soon (hopefully).

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