Other Skirts

This is the first of a few older posts that I wrote a while ago (The last of the projects was a July birthday present.), but that were just waiting for photos.

I’ve been sewing quite a bit lately. I made some fun froggy skirts for my friends’ little girls, and a bunch of  shirred t-shirt skirts (Tutorial by Melissa of Sew like My Mom , which have been my clothing staple during this heatwave  I also made a harvest apron for apple picking this fall-you might recognize the blue canvas as leftover from the dragon apron I made O. My final project was a reversible wrap dress with cap sleeves and a couple of pairs of matching bloomers for a first birthday present. She will also get a copy of The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson, because girls and monsters are as undeniable as girls and frogs. 🙂

Skirt Showcase

C skirtV skirtV skirt Back

Shirred T-shirt Skirts

shirred skirts

Harvest Apron

Harvest Apron Tied Up Harvest ApronHarvest Apron long

Reversible Dress

Reverseible Dress Color Reversible Dress BW

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