New Dragon Pants

My son loved his first pair of mended dragon pants, but they were clearly flood high on him. He also had another pair of pants that needed to have a hole mended.  Dragon Pants Take 2 before 2013-08-07 001

So, I used this mini pattern from Urban Threads to make him new dragon pants.  In the interest of expediency I actually only embroidered the outlines and the light blue sections of the body.  The dark blue I colored in with fabric marker.  I love how that worked out as I feel the marker on the wings gives the wings a bit more depth.

Dragon Pants take 2 2013-08-22 001

Nothing helps him get dressed like dragons and monsters.  This morning had been another “No! I don’t want to!” morning, until I reminded him that he had new dragon pants to wear, at which point he headed straight for the stairs.

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